King Pizza Records is support, community, and fun. We are not just a label, we are a collective. Resistance is futile. We are about creating a scene and building our community. Come hang out with us. We throw lots of parties and release lots of records and tapes.

For general inquires, show bookings, tour advice, and B-movie nights, contact our founder and Big Cheese, Greg Hanson - Email:

For festivals, marketing inquiries, business stuff, and 200 beers, contact our partner in crime and Sauce Boss, Stefan Mersch - Contact:

For the good stuff, PR inquires, social media, and party tips, contact our partner in pizza and Queen Salami, Bettina Warshaw - Contact:

For press releases, ass kickings, inside information, and coffee, contact our intern dude and Dough Wizard, Alex Beciana - Contact:

Tyler Bower & Alex Knoche - Street Team

Special thanks especially to fellow pizza folk John Rovito, Iain Burke, Grace Lang, Seth Applebaum, Aaron Hester, and Rachel Adler for being awesome and helping us with artwork, posters, fliers, and everything else.

General questions? Let us know.

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